Monday, Mama – It’s Here to Stay



“Every other day, every other day, every other day of the week is fine, yeah …”

I’m not sure exactly why Mondays are so difficult.

It could be that Satan has his To Do List – topped with the items Kill, Steal and Destroy – focused solely on Horine Manor because Sunday worship and the weekend re-charge was just that good.

Or, it could be that the three eldest children have returned to school and my husband has returned to work and the two-year-old has noticed their absence and protests loudly. For hours.

Or, it could be that – again – I realize I have but two hands and one shaky resolve with which to handle the day and whatever comes with it. And then add in the two-year-old …

“Monday, Monday, it just turns out that way.

Oh Monday, Monday, won’t go away.

Monday, Monday, It’s here to stay.”

While rumors abound regarding the meaning of this song by The Mamas and The Papas, one thing is certain: Mondays are difficult.

Speaking as a woman and as a mom, I have visited nearly every season of Monday.

I have endured Mondays as a child, as a youth, as a college student, as a single, as a married person, as a divorced person, as a re-married person. I understand the reluctance to begin a Monday at a worst-ever job. I also understand the eagerness for a new week at a job I adore. I have faced Mondays in health and wealth, in sickness and poverty, in joy and pain, in contentment and in yearning, in Kentucky and Indiana and New Mexico.

I have left children in the care of others on some Mondays while I went to work. I have awakened to the reality that my nearest companions for the Mondays were only my children.

Yet, for all my years’ worth of Mondays, I have never met a Monday where God had not already arrived.

For the record, that’s over 2,200 Mondays.

Even though I do not recall my earliest Mondays, I am certain that I needed encouragement for every one of them.

I need encouragement now.

And I’m guessing, dear one, you might be a piece needful as well.

It’s Monday, Mama.Threefold cord pic

Let’s do this day together.

The Value of a Friend

Two are better than one,

because they have a good reward for their labor.

For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.

But woe to him who is alone when he falls,

for he has no one to help him up.

Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm;

but how can one be warm alone?

Though one may be overpowered by another,

two can withstand him.

And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 NKJV



5 thoughts on “Monday, Mama – It’s Here to Stay

  1. Jen says:

    Ah Kristy! Once again you have strung together exactly the right words for exactly what I was feeling. Thanks for a lovely reminder to prop each other up on our “Monday’s,” what ever day of the week they may come.

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